Come Explore!

We offer a warm welcome to all to explore our organic farms. Our mission is not only to provide healing healthy foods we can, it is to educate and empower people to live healthier and harmony life with nature. Away from heavy traffic and the drone of air conditioners, surrounded by mountains by trees, wildlife and beautiful Orchards. Our entrance fee is Rs 500 per person. Students Rs 250 each

Which includes a

  1. Welcome Drink
  2. Guided Farm Tour
  3. Fruits to Taste at Farm
  4. Organic Vegetarian Lunch.
  5. Herbal Tea

The fee helps us to maintain and develop our organic farm. We look forward to meet you at Doctor Farms.

Future Projects


Farm to Fork Program
– Buy Fresh Buy Local

Our farm to fork project is to bring our organic grown foods to the consumer table directly. So that the consumer knows where their food comes from and how it is been grown. We will be supply our products direct to home, hotels, restaurant, Juice Bars, Hospitals & Resorts, school and colleges. Contact us today for FARM TO FORK PROGRAMME.


US Retreat – Body & Mind

UMA & SABARI RETREAT – We both are qualified Naturopathy doctors graduated from SDM college of NYS, Ujire, Karnataka, India. With over 20 years experience in the field of yoga and wellness around the globe will bring our best retreat programs at US Retreat. We will soon have beautiful facilities to stay and retreat at the farm. Retreat includes – Wellness Center, Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Organic Diets, Juice bars, Walking, Cycling and Detox – DE stress – rejuvenate health programs in our eco friendly villas and cottages.


Future Products of Doctor Farms

  1. Organic Freeze Dried Dragon Fruits
  2. Organic Freeze Dried Dragon Fruits Powder
  3. Organic Dragon Flower Tea
  4. Organic Dragon Fruit Wine
  5. Organic Dragon Fruit Vinegar
  6. Organic Dry Dates
  7. Organic Dragon Fruit Juice
  8. Organic Dragon Fruit Jam
  9. Organic Sour Sop Juice
  10. Organic Passion Fruit Juice